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Two Nigerians Under Custody Over Multi-million Euro Fraud

Two Nigerians Under Custody
As the saying goes, whatever that goes around always comes around, quoting also the Newton third law of motion.

Two fraudsters identified to be Nigerians have faced the full wrath of the INTERPOL and other related Cyber-crime unit of the Nigeria Police for allegedly defrauding a German Company a total sum of 14.7 million Euros.

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According to the statement released by the Nigerian Police Public Relation Officer, Frank Mbu said that the suspects were arrested in connection with the German authorities as they were contacted to do so due to the weight of the crime.

The two suspects, Labaran Hassan and Abraham Adesanya simply identified with Teddy both Master degree holders, together with other German folks cloned the website of one German Company ILNB  Holdings  BV, to defraud one Mr Freiherr Frederick who represents the Northern German Government in Personal Protective Equipment fund negotiations.

Before their arrest, the attorney general of Nigeria had requested from the German Officials permission to co-handle the investigations which led to the fraudulent activity of such inflated figure which supposed to serve as COVID 19 PPE fund . During the cause of the investigation, report from the INTERPOL revealed that the suspects in collaboration with one Eduardus from Germany indulge in International Crime such as website cloning, fund divergence, including other Cyber-crime related offenses.

While awaiting the arrival of the PPE ordered by Fred Freiherr, he visited the ILBN Holdings only to find out that he  never did any business with the company, that all turned out to be scam. Fred, however, claimed to have made an initial payment of about 1.7 million Euros, and in another case, 800,000 Euros.

Further surveillance revealed that extra 480,000 Euros was paid from German account into a Nigerian account of a bank in Lagos received by Hassan who owns Muster-point investment company by the two German fraud counterparts.

The Inspector General of Police, M.A. Adamu, NMP, nmi, therefore hailed the efforts of the Nigerian Police in joint task with the INTERPOL, to uncover the crime. He also assured the International Community of the continual efforts of the Force to deal with Crimes and frustrate the activities of Criminals. He further assures of the safety of the International personnel's in the country and beyond.

Two Nigerians Under Custody
Issuing a notice of warning, Inspector Muhammed urged Edo State politicians to seize every form of electoral violence as they prepare for the governorship election. In his message, he maintained that the Police possesses absolute access to the ballot and thus can go extra mile in securing it.

Edo State election is schedule to hold on 17th September 2020. With the current political heat on now between the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress, all the relevant security agencies in the state should be deployed to maintain peace and other.

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