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Two Cyber Criminals Escapes Arrest As Operation Search And Flush Docks One

Two Cyber Criminals Escapes Arrest
It was a mere drama as out of three cyber criminals (aka Yahoo boys) who were caught this morning by the men of Operation Search and Flush of the Imo State Command, two escaped arrest. The pair were said to have disappeared into thin air with their handcuffs on them.

According to an eye witness who revealed to eaglesource news that the men of the Police were unable to go after the boys as the said Criminals outsmarted them. He also told one of our reporter that evidences like Marijuanna and other illict drugs were found on them as they boarded a keke bus.

One of them could not escape as all efforts proved abortive due to his big body statue, was handcuffed after much resistant. The incident took place along Umuahia road, near the house of the former Governor of Imo State, Chief Ikedi Ohakim on early morning Thursday 24 September 2020.

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However, no further information was provided based on where they hail from, not even their names as the mammoth crowd all were watching from a distance. It also took the intervention of a Navy Officer said to be driving by to work before the third person got arrested, he confirmed. The eye witness also revealed that he was taken to Umunachi Police Command for further investigation and charges.

Trending last week was the case of EFCC verses the Yahoo as the former invaded the state in search of the Cyber Criminals. Information has it that the antigraft agency moved from house to house in the state's capital. Many were reported to have deserted their safe haven in a bid to escape been caught.

Hence, all eyes are everywhere with different securities mounting road blocks across the Imo State in order to check mate and tame the activities of these boys as they are becoming an embarrasment to the state and country at large.

In a similar development, three Police men in a road block met their waterloo as two were stabbed to death while the other sustained heavy injury along Orlu Expressway. The ugly trend which took place on the 17 September, according to a disclosed information was as a result of some group of boys resisting arrest while been charged for nose mask violations.

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