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UK Prime Minister Lists New Lock down Measures

UK Sets Corona virus rules
The UK medical Chief warns of the looming surge in Corona Virus come October through November as Autumn is fast approaching, says Echo news reports. According to him, about 200 death could rain every day if precautionary measures are not put on ground to avert and salvage the situation.

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According to the Medical Director, the coronavirus case could last up to six months. He said this during a television interview on Monday, 21 September 2020. Mr. Whitty pointed out that the number of regions with little records could explode to large numbers if all the rules and measures are not strictly observed.

While noting that the virus still possesses the ability to bring instant death, chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance declared that more deaths across all ages would continue to rise till November at a quick pace. The pair also was not sure about pubs reopening, as no clear answer was given on that.

In his report and conversation with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Hancock maintained that lockdown rules will help to put the situation under check. In his words, the Secretary listed possible areas where one gets easily contacted.

"We have learned that where people mostly catch the disease is in social settings, people coming to your house or going out and socializing, few people catch it from schools and work.

"The real sad thing about the virus is it thrives on things that make life worth living, when people get close to each other that's when it passes.

"I know this is how no one wants to live their lives," he said.

In a bid to enforce the lockdown rules, the Prime Minister yesterday, 22 September 2020 addressed the Parliament Members on the rising depth of the coronavirus and the measures marshaled to control it.

He maintained that businesses and schools are allowed to continue their normal activities while hiding to the following measures:

  • All pubs, bars, restaurants, and other hospitality in England will be required to close by 10pm from this Thursday, they must operate a table service only, except for takeaways.
  • Office workers should work from home, but people in construction and other areas should continue to go to work.
  • People who work in retail will have to wear facemasks, as will people in taxis, and all staff and customers in hospital will have to wear a face mask unless they are seated at a table.
  • Businesses will be fined if they breach COVID Restrictions.
  • From Monday, only 15 people will be able to attend weddings, but 30 can still attend funerals.
  • The rule of six now applies to all adult team sports indoors.
  • We are not able to have crowds back in the sports stadium from October 1 as planned.

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