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Anara Still On The Run Following The Death Of An Army Personnel

Anara Community Still On The Run
The death of an Army Personnel shot dead on Wednesday evening 21st of October has left the Anara community and its host on the run. According to an eyewitness who narrating the story, revealed that unknown gunmen about four in number overpowered and attacked the Army Personnel as three fled leaving one dead.

We also gathered that he was shot at but had a resistance, while trying to escape from them at there checking point, a blazing matchet was launched on him, cutting one of his hands which was later picked by someone, then finally
 was killed a source revealed. On Thursday morning, it was said that a group of Security men with Two Hilux and One Army Van arrived at the Anara Police Station where his corpse was believed to have been kept and took him away.

Since Thursday morning, information flying every nook and cranny of the environ said that the Soldiers have planned coming back for revenge. While many have remained resolute that nothing of such will emerge. 

So many are still living in fear, for no one knows the next step and action that will be taken. Shops are been burnt, Police Stations, Government facilities, Security Personnel, firms, and companies are the object of a target at this time.

The END SARS Protests have degenerated into something catastrophic. One wonders where exactly this country is heading to. Tension everywhere, as hoodlums hijacked the peaceful protests in the country. Many had blamed it government, whereas others argued that the protesters went beyond their limit.

International Communities are also interested in what is happening in Nigeria. They have sent in their solidarity messages to the government, also charged them to bring the perpetrators of the heinous act especially those of the LEKKI and ALAUSA incidents to book to serve as a warning.

Shops and businesses are all closed up. No commercial activity going on in some parts of the state. Though curfew was placed across the country to enable the government to check on the excesses of the attackers and also to unmask them.

Meanwhile, information reaching us now states that the Police Station in Idem Anara has been set on fire by unknown gunmen.

Before setting the building on fire, a source said they shot on the air to scare people away. Further investigation revealed that the OC got early information and vacated everyone including the inmates.

Further information to be released.