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Breaking News: Isiala Mbano Local Government And The Police Station Set Ablaze

Breaking News: Isiala Mbano LGA set ablaze
Information reaching us now from a reliable source says that the Isiala Mbano Local Government Area and its Police Station in Imo State is been set ablaze by hoodlums. Recall that the attackers are now after government facilities following the razing down of several Police Stations, government offices, army personnel among others.

We learned that a group of Army Personnel drove past the Anara Station and journeyed down to Isiala Mbano to tame the situation at the LGA. In other news, we garnered that two soldiers were butchered by these hoodlums whose vision still remains unknown.

As they continue to unleash mayhem on the government facilities, caution and tactics are needed to apply in order to bring the situation under control to avoid escalating to something beyond their control.


A close source revealed that before the troops could get to Mbano Headquarters, all the hidden palliatives meant to be distributed to the people by those incharge at the Local Government during the Covid 19, were all carted away by the residents.

Reacting to the story, the Local Government secretary condemned the action of the protesters whose activities are getting only at government's property by destroying them. He failed to give reasons behind the palliatives in the warehouse till this moment while it was meant to be shared to the people.

Another town that witnessed such incidence was Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State. The items involved were bags of rice, cartoons of indomie, and many more. Reactions continue to trail as why the Leaders would be heartless in keeping such items to themselves while the poor masses suffer without food all through the Covid 19 Period.

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