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British Prime Minister Issues No-Deal Brexit Warning

U.K. Prime Minister on No-Deal
The U.K Prime Minister Mr. Boris Johnson warns that Britain's no-deal exit from the European Union would take effect in a few weeks according to Bloomberg. Negotiations regarding their exit are still ongoing despite the Prime Minister being unsure about U.K's trade tie with the Europeans.

Johnson had blamed the EU Leaders for initiating talks and playing cold. While the EU on the other hand blames the U.K. for also not shifting grounds during negotiations.

Top negotiators of both sides, David Frost and Michael Barnier are said to travel to London on Friday, for more discussions, the report says.

The U.K. leader also revealed that early January would mark Britain's end in the European Union since no serious actions are been taken on the EU's part after their last discussions.

"Since we have only ten weeks until the end of the transition period on January 1, I have to make a judgment about the likely outcome and to get us all ready," he said.

EU says both sides are to make changes in their demands for positive results to be achieved. But the U.K. insisted that they were expected to do that alone, which they regarded as a disappointment in the EU part.

Report says investors from the country may be compelled to sell off pounds. The country's Chief Executive Officer on Food and Drink confirmed that tariffs on goods would raise tariffs on goods and increase shop prices. 

UK could also be affected economically as forecasted by Bloomberg Economist some time ago. Johnson maintained that except the bloc's negotiators make changes, and meets the kind of deal they want. Says the EU should approach them for further discussions.

Much are been anticipated after the negotiators' meeting in London. The outcome would therefore determine if Britain stays or leaves since the talks have lingered for a long time.

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