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END SWAT: Four Officers To Face Trial In Lagos State

END SWAT: Four Officers To Face Trial
The Lagos State Governor Jide Sanwolu has announced that four Police Officers in Lagos are to face immediate trial following the brutalization and dehumanization melted two ladies who were leading protests at the Area C Police Station in Surulere.`  

Sanwolu who expressed his sincere heartfelt regret says all officers who indulged in such brutal acts have been arrested and waiting to be punished after due

investigation. Announcing this on his social media handle, the Governor listed the names of the four Police Officers to be; Inspector Bagou Michael, Inspector Ekpoudom Etop, Sgt Nnamdi Majura, and Sgt Akinyemi Benson.

Certain amounts of funds also have been put in place for those who were victimized during the cause of the protest - announced the leader of Lagos State. He stated emphatically that the funds are all for compensation although life cannot be replaced or bought with money.

"We have also set up a panel to look into all cases of Police brutality and fatality and have set up a #200m compensation fund.

While appreciating the efforts of the Lagos State Governor and other well-meaning Nigerians for lending their voices and ensuring that a lasting solution to the police misconduct is achieved. They also tasked him to make sure that those policemen are prosecuted accordingly.

Protests to end SARS continues to make wave as Youths declares no backing down until results are achieved. The IGP though had earlier dissolved the unit but incorporated them into other units without proper psychological examination.

Nigerians, therefore, seek an end to SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics which they said is another SARS in disguised.

In a bid to return sanity to the police force, the IGP Mohammad Adamu announced that all SARS members report to the headquarters for proper examinations, says new training will commence for none SARS members.

A panel has also been set up to look into the past records of these men, including the activities involving human rights violations which will involve civic right groups and the citizens in a bid to show transparency.

Report received yesterday and today shows that some protesters in Lagos and Abuja were attacked by thugs believed to be Pro SARS. According to eyewitnesses, the hoodlums came at the protesters with matches, sticks, and charms to disrupt the peaceful protests. 

The incident especially that of Alausa has left many confused as no one knows the sponsors of those involved in such act. The protesters in return responded to the attack which turned out to be chaos except for the timely interventions of the police.

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