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I Almost Got Bitten By This Huge Snake - A Woman Confesses

I Almost Got Bitten By Cobra
A woman believed to be in her Sixties has told our correspondent that she almost got bitten by a huge Cobra in her home in the night on the 12th of October 2020. Narrating her ordeal, the aged woman who only gave her name as mama Okwi from Umuduru in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, said she was about peeing into a bowl when she noticed something in front of her.

According to her, she had arrived from a visit to her Son's place, swept the whole rooms, and prepared and had her dinner. "I just finished taking my bath, had my dinner, threw myself on the bed because I was almost exhausted when suddenly I had a noise.

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"I never had anything in mind, looking up I saw a rat on the window's cotton. I grabbed it from the center only to receive its bite. Blood started popping out from the affected area. But I never knew something worst than this awaits me," she said.

I Almost Got Bitten By Cobra

More so, she said her midnight prayers which she said she normally does. When suddenly she was pressed, wanted to move outside but said since she was staying alone, she had to ease herself in the passage, near the door that led to outside.

"I saw that when I bent down to pee, so I thought it was a rope. But I did not remember dropping such a rope in my house neither my son who left for night prayers in a distant place that night.

"But in another second it began to make movements, raising up its head at that particular point. My light was a faint light so I never bordered much, I closed it with my big iron basin so as to identify fully what it really is.

"I opened the basin only to find out that I heard a one on one encounter with a long Cobra which would have bitten her to death unknowingly," she told eagle source.

While making further reviews, she revealed that the cobra snake swallowed a poisoned rat. "My son told me that he bought some pieces of stuff like insecticide which he placed in the ceiling because of rats and other house rodents which have occupied the whole place."

I Almost Got Bitten By Cobra
We equally suspected that such could have prevented the snake from acting on her. But she maintained that it was an act of the divine that such unruly encounter with the mon. In her words, she advises that light is relatively paramount in every household which will make such things to be easily identifiable.

The Cobra when viewed was not less than 3 feet according to measurement. Reactions from the poisonous rat weakened its own cells and organs, thus it could act less. Cobras are known for their aggressiveness in attacking their predators because of their huge sizes.

They are also known well for their mimic behavior otherwise known as behavioral adaptation. It aids in its survival and difficult to be identified in its position.

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