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Nose Mask: Catholic Faithful Decry of Been Chased Out From Service For Not Putting On Any

Nose Mask: Faithful lays complain
A Catholic faithful who did not disclose his identity has decried yesterday 04/10/2020 as inhuman the act melted on almost half of the congregation by the Priest-in-charge at Mary the queen Catholic Church in Asaba for non-wearing of a mask during the Sunday Service. According to the young man who laid the complaint in a Whatsapp group, said the Pastor never informed them about coming to church with their nose masks on this day before taking such action.

He said this occurred in an early morning mass thereby depriving them of communion. He also stated that some of the elderly ones were sent home, adding that such could jeopardize people's faith and also deprive them of talking to God and seeking more grace.

Later in what turned into an argument, some colleagues counseled him on the issues by pointing out his mistakes and possible reasons the priest acted in such a manner. Francis got this to say "It is also wrong not to be obedient to the given preventive measures.

"I don't know from when the priest has instructed you people should put on the face mask. And from your message, the priest only sent those not on face mask out from inside the church not home.

"So you going home without waiting for the mass to end even though you were wrong is also faulty. True Christians are known in moments like this.

"We don't like forceful actions but when they are exacted on us, we start feeling bad. Obedience is better than sacrifice" he concluded.

Another person added this "Hello, you are obliged to meet your Parish Priest or Parish Councillors to lay your complaints.

Lamenting on the issue, he maintained that people could go home never to come back again especially the elderly ones, citing that no prior notice was given. "He never gave an early announcement of such, I guess he came up with an idea today. The Priest is the shepherd of the church, he is to protect his flocks not to scatter them."

Francis went on to counter him when he said he and other people were deprived of the communion. Moreso, that some people were not of the richer side by simply providing a hundred naira nose mask.

"You were not deprived of anything, you deprived yourself of it by not being obedient" Francis commented.

Ekpuchionwa added "You can't afford a hundred naira nose mask, but you can afford drugs if you get infected, huh?

"Try and get one bro, since March you have not gotten a nose mask and you are proud saying it.

"I wish to believe you have not visited banks, mails, or public places since this pandemic, if not you won't be saying all this. Bank will chase you away, Police will embarrass you, you can't enter any mall without it...Because it's a church, anything can go abi? Be guided oo" he said.

Ejima also supported him on this by simply chipping in "Exactly".

Nose Mask: Faithful decried been chased out
The World Health Organization, Nigeria Center for Disease Control, and other health agencies had warned that the only way to avoid been infected is by observing social distancing, putting on your face mask, and regular washing of hands with soap.

For a virus that has no cure, preventive measures like these are highly recommendable. You are however enjoined to adhere to instructions either from the health authorities or from your leaders from all spheres.

Nose Mask Catholic Faithful Decry of Been Chased Out From Church Service For Not Putting On Any

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