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See What Young Protesters Told Atiku

Youths Attack Atiku
Young Protesters are really not happy with the way things are going on in the country, so they decided to break their silence. A call to end SARS is really a new step in the right direction to right the wrongs which have staged us for decades. The Youths are the strength of every country, and that's why they are called the leaders of tomorrow. Any country such as ours which jokes with the future of its younger generations will pay dearly when the effects start spelling on them.

Just a few months back Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari referred to Nigerian Youths as 'Lazy Youths'. The question is what makes you think that Nigerian youths are lazy? did you make any job provision for them? Have you given them any work and they failed to achieve a tangible result? I'm sure you know the answer to the above statements. Why then did you choose to voice out such words. Well, I'm 100% sure they have learned their lessons judging from the response they gave to the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

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If they really meant what they said and stood by their words, come 2023 no old cargo will earn their vote. This protest is an eye-opener. It shows that Nigerians irrespective of your religious and political affiliations, ethnic diversity, and educational background, with one voice and one mind, will achieve a common aim. And what's that aim, to make Nigeria a better place, where all will be proud of even when fallen.

For those who have fallen for this cause, may your soul rest in peace amen. Congratulations also to Paystack for making Nigeria proud, and also for showing our leaders that the Youths are not lazy as they have echoed before. Nigerian Youths are very creative, innovative, and everything you can ever imagine. In case you don't know, Paystack has just been acquired for $200M by Stripes- a US-based Company. Paystack is being owned and Cofounded by two young Nigerians.

Let's not deviate too much, just at the heat of the protest, when everyone is boiling like an egg. Alhaji Abubakar was attacked on Twitter by the Youths for lending his voice against SARS and Police brutality in the country. He also condemned the use of force on peaceful protesters.

"No one deserves to be shot at or killed simply because they are protesting against the injustices of the system," Atiku said. But he was lambasted for his comment. One wonders if he woke up from the wrong side of the bed. They said he was been political in his statement and therefore won't earn their vote come 2023. Not only him but to all the old politicians who are warming up for the 2023 elections. These were their words stated emphatically;

Atiku I know you're not saying this in the name of God, but just bcos of your own ambition and 2023... But trust me, we're waiting for you all till then. If you're in power yours might even be worst than this. Awon birds of the same feathers. END SARS BRUTALITY - Adeleke Genius

See them... Birds of the same feather! They might have succeeded in selling the power sector, believe me, you won't achieve your own agenda of selling NNPC... Forget that presidency seat ooo, we are not voting for you in 2023, you're all the same. - Honganizer

Baba. You see say I dey respect you, sir, no waste your money on any 2023 election so that your owo won't jona. Your money will just burn. We the youth have woken up from the sleep our parents put us to.

#EndSarsNow  - OBA OF NIGERIA 

Oga please join the protest to give some measure of security and solidarity to our youths. Meanwhile, we shall not vote come 2023. We are tired of this rinse & repeat nonsense. Thank you, sir. And please bring your children too to the protest. - Ephy

Thank you for supporting the #SarsMustGo movement but come 2023 you won't be our president
Y'all made this country the way it is, you're no saint at all
We're tired of recycling you old men
Time for you to take a bow and let the youth take over - Nessa

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