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Three Hoodlums Shot Dead After Razing Down Anara Police Unit Moved

Three Hoodlums Shot Dead
Three out of the four armed men that operated and were shot dead by members of the Operation Search and Flush in Imo State had been said to be moved from the spot they were killed to be decomposed. The Police Station at Idem Anara in Imo State was set ablaze by these gangs, after which several shots were fired into the air. 

According to a source, the left for Amaraku, a nearby town in Anara to also set the

Police Unit there ablaze. Unfortunately, luck ran against them as they bumped into the security officers who fired at them but got killed after much resistance. One out of the four hoodlums was said to have escaped with no trace.

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The operation took place at 9:30pm in the night followed heavy gunshots which lasted about 10 - 20 minutes. A woman named Ifeoma who narrated to the eagle source about the incidents due to their close boundary with the Police, says that the shots left the Police and others at the unit running. She also revealed that at a time they ran into the bush to spend the night there because of fear.

In another report, most shops have been broken and goods in their allegedly carted away by unknown suspects. The news came on Saturday afternoon after the attack the previous night. It was also said that about four motorcycles(bike) were also stolen from a mechanic shop in the same locality.

Movement in these areas Isiala, Ehime, Orlu, Mbaise is partially restricted as troops are seen parading everywhere in search of the hoodlums. One is therefore advised to tread carefully to avoid falling victim especially the Youths.

Among those shot dead yesterday, though no name was mentioned, the information says one person hails from Anara, two others from the neighboring villages. At the time of filing this information, the OC of Anara Division is could not be reached on the phone, as they were all said to escape for the past two days.

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