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Tinubu Speaks from London, Denies Ordering of Mass Shooting at His Lekki Toll Gate

Tinubu Speaks from London
The former Lagos State Governor and Leader of the All Progressive Congress, Sen. Ahmed Tinubu had denied the allegation that he ordered the mass shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate which according to report belongs to him.

Tinubu had said to have flown out of the country in a private jet following the massive killings by the military, fearing that he will be indicted. His arrival in London on Wednesday 21st October 2020 as he was spotted followed a booed from the Nigerians residing in London.

Mammoth of crowd was seen gathering at his residence in Lagos State yesterday as reported by the Punch News. Further report revealed that his son was kidnapped also in London immediately after the shooting and killing of youths in Nigeria on Tuesday.

He pleaded that his son be released from custody as he has no hand in anyone's death, rather the President did by ordering the army to shoot at the unarmed protesters. Heavy protests continues in the country and beyond, curfew been placed in all states.

International communities are therefore calling on the Buhari-led administration to bring the situation under control and to also prosecute the security personnel who are involved in the killings of the peaceful protesters by bringing them to book.

Amnesty International also says that full investigation shall be fully launched with immediate effect following their recent research and facts about the extrajudicial killings perpetrated in the country. They also urged the Government to allow them get to the root of the case without interference.

Several Police Stations across the country are been burnt down as well as other Government's owned facilities. Reports also shows that some security men were taken down, while others sustained injury while fleeing the environment.

The END SARS Protests has degenerated into situation beyond human controll because of poor management on the part of the government by allowing thugs to counter peaceful protesters in Abuja, Lagos, Edo and Port Harcourt.

The Government should as a matter of urgency engage the youths in a round table discussion so as to meet with their demands, opinion seeker maintained and not keeping mute on them as if they are not regarded. Amongst the demands of the Youths, the cost of governance especially at the Legislative level where a senator will be earning #120 million annually while other Citizens die of hunger should be examined appropriately.

In as much as the protests has been hijacked by hoodlums and thugs, the Government should find an alternative means to remedy the ugly trend, hence restore normalcy in the land.

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