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Trump's Message To World Leaders

Trump Advises Leaders
The United States of America's President, Donald Trump has urged World Leaders to put their countries first before anything. Trump in a short campaign video says he chooses the theme MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN because he always put the country first.

America's general election is about nine days from now, which will decide if Trump

stays at the White House or leaves. The country continues to experience high records on COVID 19 as a result of massive testing going on in different regions, a weapon in which the Democrats are using against him.

According to Trump's claim on the US economy, it is recovering more than its counterparts in the world despite virus inflation.

Trump's Words on Twitter today 26th October 2020 to make America Great Again;

"When I first announced I was going to run for the office of the President five years ago, I had a Theme.

"It was a great theme, a theme that was obviously worked. But the truth is I made it work also because we followed that theme. Make America Great Again.

"Sounds simple but isn't it beautiful? and that's what we have done. And then we got hit with the plague and we closed it up and we've saved millions of lives and now we opened it up and we a super v.

"Our economy is recovering faster than any economy in the World. And we went down proportionately more than any economy in the world.

"But we have another thing that we did that a lot of people don't quite understand but they know something big happened.

"And that something big was America first. We put America first for the first in decades and decades.

"America first. And I tell the leaders of other countries. You should put your country first. When they hear America first it doesn't sound nice, but you know what? I tell them I'm putting America first.

"You should put your countries first no matter whatever the country maybe. But for us, it's America first and it will always be," Trump said.

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Trump's Tweet Censored by the Twitter Community
Twitter Censors Trump

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