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Why Fr Mbaka's Prayer Ground Was Not Burnt

Mbaka's church not burnt
A close source has revealed the real reason why Fr Mbaka's Prayer Ground was not burnt down by angry protesters. The Adoration Ministry Enugu was rumored to be razed down by Youths in the State protesting against END SARS which has lasted almost three weeks now. According to a media news which carried that Mbaka's spokesperson identified as Ugwuoke had refuted the claim that his prayer house was set on fire on the 21st of October 2020.

The Source revealed that two anonymous Catholic Priest had pleaded on behalf of the AMEN Spiritual Director. In their words, they asked the protesters to shield their swords and allow God to be the judge and not taking laws into their hands.

Fr Mbaka was said to have defended President Buhari during one of his sermons, on the issue of the END SARS, says the problem had started a long time ago and did not emanate from Buhari's regime. He praised the Youths for waking up from their slumber to protest against the injustice of the system which has enslaved them for years.

                                           Mbaka's Video on END SARS
Further, the Priests also advised the Youths not to burn down the building as it does not belong to Mbaka, but to God. Stressing that if they do, they will be attracting his anger on themselves. Instead, they should look out for him in his residence.

Several of the protesters alleged that the fiery and controversial Priest had through his prophecy brought the current President to power by telling them that he is the prayer answered, and also the change the country needed. In 2014, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari campaigned against Goodluck Jonathan and won. Promising changes in different sectors of the country, but has fulfilled non to date.

More so, the protesters also noticed that in Imo State, Fr Mbaka had prophesied against the former Governor Emeka Ihedioha and favored Sen. Hope Uzodinma, now the current Governor of Imo State. The Youths, therefore, urged him to refrain from any political talk and face his ministry.

Protests across the country continue to gain momentum despite the government's efforts of sending troops and making sure further damages are averted by hoodlums who hide under the auspices of the peaceful protesters to cause unease and damages.

The Government of Nigeria calls on its Youths to a ceasefire and embrace dialogue, following Thursday's nationwide broadcast by the President. "We have heard your demands, and we will meet them," the President assured.

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