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Why Protest Was Hijacked By Hoodlums - Opinion Seekers

Why Protest Was Hijacked By Hoodlums
The original purpose of the protest by the Youths in Nigeria has been destabilized and shattered says an opinion seeker and some activists in the country. Running an analysis of how the peaceful protests started and how it ended so far, they opined that its aim has lost.

According to an argument on social media, some group of Youths stated vividly that the whole scenario played out this way due to the way the government approached the issue. They also noticed that most of the hoodlums causing mayhem were all been sponsored by those on sit in order to shut the Youths up.

The current situation is worrisome. Burning down of Police Barracks, carting away with guns. Breaking prisons and setting hardened prisoners free could only lead to more chaos and making society unsafe. Armed Robbery will soon be at its climax - Phresh argued.

During one of the protests in Abuja last week, some of the Youths on protest raised an alarm as they were been chased and attacked by a group of people with matches and charms just to disrupt the ongoing protest. They were believed to be sponsored by the government as no resistance or whatsoever was done by the Police who were with them during the period.

The Edo State prison in which hundreds of inmates were freed about a week ago had nothing to do with the protesters, the Youths refuted. "They had no placards with the END SARS inscription on it, so they don't belong to us," they maintained.

In fact, the original purpose of this movement was to END SARS and POLICE BRUTALITY in the country. But upon seeing the way leaders in the country are handling issues in the country, they decided not only to end Sars but to also end bad governance.

A country blessed with Oil, agriculture, having the best weather in the whole universe, mineral resources of every type, and the most strong and populous black ever in the whole world. But one of their major problems since the gained Independence in 1960 was leadership.

Nigeria has never been lucky in terms of leadership even though the founding fathers gave in their best. The worst of it all is that ever since the country moved from military to democracy in 1993, things failed apart.

How do you explain the situation where a sitting Senator will be earning about #120 million annually whereas a common citizen will be on the street begging for arms. The President, Governors, House of Reps, House of Assemblies, Judiciaries will be carting away millions of dollars and pounds but fails to provide basic amenities to their citizens.

Corruption is on the increase, virtually all the sectors of the government are corrupt. What the Youths are now asking for is what rightly belongs to them. The Youths are now saying no more to bad governance, excessive spending by the leaders. And they are agitating for good roads, hospitals, schools, and other amenities.

The government is refuting the claim that they sent and recruited the PRO SARS Thugs. Instead, they blame individuals for sponsoring the protest. Well, the situation degenerated to this point following the Lekki Toll Gate massacre.

So, what is playing out now is miscreants taking undue advantage of the protest to cause mayhem in society. Although, some are of the opinion that revolution has taken place due to the government's inability to address certain issues and have decided to pay deaf ears to the cries of the masses.

Another Opinion seeker says that they would have gotten what they wanted if the protest was not hijacked and sponsored by those in government. "I think the hoodlums were sponsored by those in government especially those in the North whom they'll always toil with their myopic intellect."

Once you fail to do the needful, you will be forced to face the consequences. 

What the government need to do now;

  • Engage the Youths in a conversation and meet their necessary demands
  • Address the key issues bedeviling the country
  • Be ready as a government to accept blames rather than shifting it to a few individuals
  • Start been accountable and trustful, be a worthy steward.

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