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Catholics All Over The World Celebrates Feast Of Christ The King

Catholics Celebrattes Christ The King
Today, Sunday 22 November 2020 marks another year when Catholics around the globe celebrates the solemnity of Christ the King. The feast is also called Corpus Christi in Latin. The Priest places the blessed host inside the monstrance which houses the sacred species.

Done annually, according to the Church's tradition, it is an activity which draws close Church's calendar year to an end before the beginning of Advent. While some prefers celebrating alone in their Parish, others too prefers visiting and working together with other nearby parishes.

How it all started

According to history, Pope Pius XI instituted this feast in 1925 during his papacy. Basically, its aim is to showcase to the world that Christ style of leadership is to serve those under him unlike the leadership of today, which is always demanding and commanding respect from its followers.

His own form of leadership should be emulated by this present leaders who seeks not the welfare of those who they claim to lead, but theirs. And that's why his kingdom will have no end, says one preacher.

Your position should not be used to intimidate others as its a call to serve God and humanity and not the opposite. 

It's all fun as the congregants process cheering up, songs of praises been rendered also, gunshots are not exempted as well, followed by the chief celebrant or the co-celebrant as they wish, lifting the blessed sacrament and blessing the people till they get to their final destination while they proclaim him as the King of the whole universe.

Though this year's celebration falls in a time when Covid 19 must have reigned thereby depriving many of their joy and life, it's still something to be grateful about. 

After votes of thanks by the host Priest, then comes the benediction to wrap it all, accompanied by the Priest's blessings.

Wishing Catholics all over the world a happy feast of Christ the King.

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