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Couple Whose House Was Burgled For A Second Time Raises Alarm

Couple reacts over burglary
A couple who are residents at Anara Community in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State has expressed their displeasure over a two-time theft at their area of residents last two months. According to their report, one of which took place earlier in September and the other in late October respectively using the same entrance and exit doors.

While lamenting their ordeal, the couple who pleaded anonymity revealed the items burgled away by the hoodlums. Items such as clothing materials, assorted drinks, cash worths about N40,000 kept in a box that was supposed to be used for the wife's hospitalization, and other valuables.

As they were recounting the loss encountered during the first visit, they made a second one, this time carting away with cartoons of wine, the man's senator wears as they were said to be disappointed with no cash available to steal. 

Although no suspect has been apprehended with regards to the ugly trend, they expressed fear that the incident might repeat itself again. The burglars were said to have made their way in through a high fence, broke through the window, and also damaged their entrance door. 

"They have been monitoring our movement, when we go out and when we come in. 

"We have not experienced such cruel act of robbery since we started living here, not only here but other places I have resided in the last 30 years," the man lamented.

Meanwhile, friends and loved ones who got to know about it also condemned such an act, depicts it as the height of wickedness to humanity. They also advised him to look for other premises instead of losing everything to them worst case his life.

Couple laments over burglary
In a similar report, a POS spot was reportedly robbed by two armed men opposite the first bank along with Okwelle Okigwe road Imo State on Sunday 9 November 2020. Owned by one Mr. Osy who was making an entry statement at a nearby Police division, revealed that the attack came as a result of his been lowly as it was on a Sunday afternoon.

An undisclosed amount of money was looted as he pointed with a gun and instructed not to raise any alarm. Mr. Osy further revealed that he alerted the Army Personnel at their checkpoint on phone but they were unable to pick calls at that moment. The two men disappeared into thin air immediately as they would have been intercepted by the Soldiers if they had responded.

He accused two Police Officers who he said were on duty at that moment but decided to turn blind eyes upon seeing him surrendered by the hoodlums, alleged that they both went inside the station upon citing those guys.

The Soldiers who learned about the robbery, says an arrest will be made anytime soon following the description given to him by the cash dealer about one of the suspects.


Do not stay alone with a huge sum of money especially in a densely populated area so as to avert the risk of been robbed. Walk-in groups when walking on a lowly path. Stop carrying physical cash without been accompanied by a trusted source.

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