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More Nigerians Clamour For Access Bank Boycott Following The Freezing Of End SARS Promoter's Account

Access Bank boycott gains widespread support
More Nigerians have continued to clamour for Access Bank boycott and closure of individual accounts in solidarity for those #ENDSARS promoters whose bank accounts were frozen under CBN directives.

Recall that the Apex bank had obtained Court order to freeze accounts of those who promoted and sponsored Youths during the protest that lasted almost three weeks. According to the statement from one who pleaded anonymity, suggested in a Facebook page that solidarity be shown for those affected by access bank accounts freezing by closing theirs too.

Nigerians lately have started reacting to issues bordering the nation unlike previously where majority puts up indifferent attitudes towards the ugly trends in the society. Infact, this was an effect of the just concluded movement embarked by the young persons yearning for change.

The drastic decision by the Commercial Bank to end its customers relationship as directed by the CBN has continued to receive condemnation Nationwide as some noticed that they were not the only bank under such order, but refused to carry it out.

Last week, groups called on the US Department of state to ban the central 
bank governor Emefiele from traveling to the country pending when every issue is resolved.

Meanwhile, others have countered the opinion that people with access should close it, maintaining that people who transacts with the bank are mostly civil servants which would prove difficult as they usually receive their pay under government's payroll system.

The Federal Government however, has intensified their efforts to clamp down on those who propelled the Police brutality movement either by closing their bank account or restricting them from making travels. Despite the challenges the country had underwent few weeks back which caused the government trillions of naira, destruction of lives and property by hoodlums who hijacked the peaceful protest, experts says the present administration has refused to learn their lessons.

Lagos State Panel of inquiries set up by the government to look into the case of those alleged to have been shot dead at the Lekki Toll Gate by the military during protest has continued to unravel mysteries as the defence headquarters maintans their ground, says they were invited by the Lagos State Governor, Mr Sanwu-Olu to shoot at the protesters.

Blame games are been observed, following the revelations unfolding at the panel. The military initially denied ever making appearance at the scene, later accepted that they came but didn't shoot, rather condoned off the place. Recent report on the media says that the military got involved in the mass shootings, but claimed to have used rubber bullet as they insist that they were invited by the Lagos State Government who felt the situation was beyond them.

Amnesty International and other leading bodies are also rising up to the case, calling on the International Criminal Court to launch investigation and resume hearing so as to obtain justice for those who lost their lives. EU Parliament is also said to kick start debate on the alleged killings.

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