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Ohaneze Youth Council Denounces Isiguzoro's Statement On Nnamdi Kanu

Isiguzoro's Statement Denounced

The Ohaneze Youths Council has denounced Isiguzoro's attack on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, says his is an impostor.
This was made open in a press statement released by the organization's special assistant on media and publicity secretary, Chukwuemeka Chimerue on the 10 November 2020.

The President has also warned that on no account should any attack of any form should be launched on any pro-Biafran leader, while calling for caution.

According to Chimerue, while citing Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka press statement on the 27 October 2020 on Okechukwu Isiguzoro and one Okwu Nnabuike haven been expelled from Ohaneze Ndigbo, went about deceiving their victims with their group called Ohaneze Ndi Youth Council which he claimed was set up to defraud his unspecting victims.

As part of the efforts to keep the Igbo race united in order to achieve the aim of self actualization of the Biafran Nation without distractions, all have therefore been warned to desist from the activities of the so called man who has been bought over by desperate Politicians seeking the downfall of the Easterners.

Describing him as a psychophan, who daily depends on his paymasters for a living, the President and the entire OYC members therefore distances themselves from the statement by the self acclaimed ONYC President and his group that Nnamdi Kanu is inciting the Youths in the country against the government. Says the Youths rose on their own to claim what rightfully belongs to them and were not in any angle incited as claimed by Isiguzoro.

He further revealed that Isiguzoro was only acting on Sen. Bola Tinubu's instructions whose only aim is to soil the long relationships of the Igbos and the Yorubas such that his selfish ambition come 2023 will be achieved.

As such any activities by Isiguzoro and Nnabuike should be ignored by the general public as they are not working for the interest of the Igbos but theirs and that of the Nigerian Government.

He therefore called on different Pro-Biafran groups to calm down and be law abiding in their quest for freedom, adding that nothing was ever achieved through violence rather by peaceful resolutions.

On the same hand, the Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu) has been urged by Comrade Igboayaka to fish out the perpetrators of the Emene killings of two Youths who invaded the palliative warehouse in the state on the 24 October 2020. The Governor was alleged to have hired security operatives to shoot at the Invaders who were taking what rightfully belongs to them, he pointed.

Part of the statement reads "We therefore urge Governor Ugwuanyi to fish out the perpetrators of Queens college shooting, and those of the infamous Emene-Enugu massacre. Otherwise, we shall wait for the expiration of his immunity as governor and get him arrested for conspiring in killing Igbo Youths.

Covid 19 Palliative items were looted in most states during the End SARS protest. According to most media report, States that were given those items hoarded them till the time of looting. Non distribution of the palliatives as explained by some governors was that phase 2 of the Corona Virus will most likely hit the country and will be used in sustaining their different states.

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