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Rescue Team Arrives Cagayan Area Of Phillipine Following Dam Disaster

Rescue Team Arrives Cagayan
The Cagayan area of Phillipine which was marked with disaster yesterday 13 November 2020 following a Dam overflow in the region has received rescue aid - PHDT Updates. Other regions affected include Isabela and Tuguegarao.

Announcing this earlier in the day, the country's Ministry of Transportation stated that its Coast Guards National Headquarters has deployed the second convoy of its Deployable Response Group to aid the ongoing rescue operation taken place in the three most affected regions.Rescue Team Arrives CagayanThe team is also said to house at least 60 rescue and medical personnel with 2 buses, one 12 - wheeler boom truck, 2 M -35 trucks, and seven drivers. Other equipments involved are two rubber boots and three generator sets supplemented with 44 drums of fuel for a successful rescue operation.

An early tweet from a concerned citizen who alerted the media mentioned that Magadat Dam in Cagayan was overflowing with water flooding the whole region as many remain stranded while others were recorded dead.Rescue Team Arrives Cagayan

He also revealed that at the time of filing the information no rescue team was on ground due to low visibility.

Source: PhDT

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