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Trump Hail Nigerians For Holding Parade, Says It's An Honour

Trump Hail Nigerians For Holding Parade
As the US Presidential elections continue to make waves around the world, some Nigerians have just decided to exercise a parade in honor of the Republican candidate and US President Donald Trump. A video clip was shown on the media as tweeted by Trump on his platform shows that many not only in Nigeria but across the globe are in solidarity with the President on his re-election quest.

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Part of the chanting from the mammoth crowd which reads "Rejoice that we will be victorious" is translated from a popular song in the Eastern part of the country by the Ibos. They also hold his political views as such would do anything to ensure he clinches victory a second time.

America and indeed the whole world are earnest expectation just like a woman in labor, looking forward to safe delivery, as they make the choice of who becomes their next leader. Earlier on from a media source, polls show that Joe Biden was gapping Donald Trump by an average percentage. Though no conclusion is to be made now as the electoral college is said to make yet their decisions.

Who will emerge the winner of the historic elections on Tuesday 3rd November 2020?

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