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Trump Has Not Conceded To Biden - Fani Kayode Warns

Trump has not conceeded - Kayode
Nigerian Fani Kayode has blasted those who ignorantly think that President Trump has backed down in his pursuit of what he termed electoral fraud in the just concluded US election still undergoing recount to concede to President-elect, Joe Biden of Democrat.

In his statement on Twitter on Tuesday 24 November 2020, Femi warns that people should desist from making unwarranted claims about Trump's acceptance of defeat without proper clarification. He also maintained that the US President had only paved the way for Americans' archaic tradition which demands that transition follow suit after election declaration.

"Some people need to GET SENSE! Donald Trump allowing the transition process to begin does not mean that he has conceded victory to Joe Biden. It simply means that he has allowed the normal protocols to proceed. This is NOT a concession of victory or a sign of defeat.

"It is simply the strict adherence to an age-old, tried &tested administrative procedure. Outside of that, it means nothing. Serious allegations which are plausible &credible have been made about the election which points to the fact that they were heavily rigged for Joe Biden."

While alleging that votes were unremarkably rigged in favor of the Democratic Candidate, Joe Biden, he insists that the course will be settled in the Supreme Court as well by the electors and the Congress men come December and January. 

"The matter is still in court and merrily on its way to the Supreme Court. Nothing will be decided until that process is complete and the Electors and Congress meet in December and January respectively."

Further, Femi went on to boast that Trump would still continue his stay in the DC, debiting no transition.

"Mark this, at the end of the day, there will be no transition, there will be a continuation. God is faithful," he said.

Femi Fani Kayode is a Nigerian Politician, a lawyer, and a former Minister of Aviation. He was a member of the Peoples Democratic Party before moving to the ruling party and back to his former party. He is a critical thinker and a writer as well.

Meanwhile, he has received widespread condemnation based on his view on Trump's transition. Most people argued that transition in America is a sinequano which becomes undisputable and causes no shenanigans. He was also accused of neglecting his own nation's fight to focus on others, especially America which has a robust system to handle their course.

One of those statements reads;

"For once I support Apc for attacking u, sir. U carry another country matter for head like gala and lacasera. Trump has lost. There’s no coming back except 2024. Use diz same energy to fight bad governance here. E pele sir!" Otumba GCFRN.

Trump has not conceeded - Kayode
Recall that the US leader was handed over a letter on Monday 23 November from the General Service Administrator, Emily Murphy to allow a smooth transition, but Trump claimed that she was pressurized into doing that. Also, he vows to continue to unravel the mystery behind his loss at the general election and uncover the fraudulent activities that transpired during vote counting which gave his opponent victory.

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