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US Election: Joe Biden Finally Projected Winner Of The US Presidential Race

US Election: Joe Biden Finally Projected Winner
The Presidential Candidate of the US Democrats Joe Biden was today projected as the winner of the US general elections held on Tuesday which has generated concern across the globe as the election stood on the knife-edge for the past 3 days threatening the country's democracy and integrity. Declared by the Decision Desk Headquarters, having won Pennslyvania and 20 electoral college votes estimating to 273, is now returned as the 46th President of the United States of America.

Results as announced by the Decision Desk HQ on Twitter;

PA Presidential Election Results - Called for Biden (D)

Biden (D): 49.50% (3,303,130 votes)
Trump (R): 49.36% (3,293,554 votes)

Biden Margin: 9,576 (+731)
% Difference: 0.14%

Estimated: > 95% votes in

NV Presidential Election Results

Biden (D): 49.76% (626,202 votes)
Trump (R): 48.13% (605,650 votes)

Biden Margin: +20,552 (-1,524)
Estimated: > 95% votes in

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