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My Husband Has Maintained Silence After Catching Me On Our Matrimonial Bed - Woman Confesses

Woman Confesses after cheating

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Woman who was caught having an extra marital affairs has broken her silence after she was caught by her husband making love with another man, seeks advice as she is no longer feeling comfortable around her hobby. 

According to the unanimous cheater who never disclosed her identity on Facebook, says although her man showers her with all sorts of gifts after catching her with her side chicks on their matrimonial bed, she still feels guilt and insecure around him.

The posts which drew several reactions with many advising her to leave the marriage momentarily or report to those close to her husband as he may be planning something funny. Others on the other hand admonished her not to worry too much as his silence may mean forgiveness or another way of punishing her.

Further, she claims that apart from his showering her with lots of gifts and taking her out, he also planned on taking her on a vacation trip. She went on to make another shocking revelation about the strange behavior her husband puts up in the middle of the night. "Sometimes I wake up in the night to find out that my is staring at me, when I ask him, he will tell me that he is admiring my beauty," she says.

While letting out her feelings and emotions to the public, says she feels empty and always tormented. 

You can drop your own advice to her using the comment section on how to resolve the issues. Moreso, lend your voice against extra marital affairs. Stick to your partner and save your marriage. Thanks.

Woman Confesses after cheating

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