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Road To The House Of Former Imo State Governor Nicknamed Dustbin Street (Photos)

Dustbin Street In Owerri
If you reside in Owerri Imo State capital and you are familiar with works layout, you are then a resident of the dustbin Street. The road was mapped out for construction during Owelle Rochas Okorocha's administration but got abandoned due to non-payment of contractors and workers according to sources.

This road leads to Okorocha's residence and also serves as a link to Rapour hotel, Imsu Junction, Orji/Mechanic Village, and Amakohia Flyover. It is a four road junction connecting to these networks.

In mid-2018, construction was commenced on this very road from Rapour bus stop to the dustbin dumping point, with several failed attempts to construct a canal so as to control the high influx of erosion from Orji, Rochas residence, and Along junction. 

Economic and other activities are all put to a halt as the road becomes inaccessible during the rainy season. It also posed danger to motorists even pedestrians due to canal destruction. It was narrated of a man with Sienna who got stuck at that dustbin point and was unable to pull out his vehicle till the next day due to heavy downpour.

Before he could make his way back, everything contained in there became a story. Another was also said of a Soldier who nearly got drowned on trying to find his way out of that area due to heavy downpour, also lost his phone.

In 2018, it's construction was kicked off, from Rapour bus stop to the other end. Canals were destroyed due to none continuation of projects, it became non-motorable, non-trekable, thereby jeopardizing the economic activities around there.

Photos of the area:

Dustbin Street In Owerri
Here, you can see someone's house about to be pushed down by heavy erosion as well as the road almost dividing into halves.

The main is not about the gully or bad road, though it's part of it, but the continuous dumping of refuse on this very Street which is forming environmental degradation and hazards.

It is very interesting to note that during the rainy season, one can barely walk past that area due to fear of contracting bacteria and other communicable diseases. Visit that area in the hot afternoon, and you will be forced to pick race due to flies, and one wonders how those living around there copes. I think they are accustomed to it.

Dustbin Street In Owerri
Some other places are this way, just citing this as a case study. Let the government rise up to their duties in terms of infrastructures, road networks, and other basic amenities. Much attention should be focused not just on the capital city, but on the rural areas as well.

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